Pool Pavers and Landscaping Tips for Perth Homes

A sparkling pool can enhance an outdoor area and be the centerpiece of a home’s outdoor leisure area, providing hours of enjoyment for the whole family during the hotter months of summer in Perth.

If you plan on designing your outdoor area to incorporate paving around your pool area, here are some useful pool paver and landscaping tips for Perth home owners to keep in mind:

Hire a Quality Paving Company to Implement your Landscape Design

As your pool is going to be the centerpiece of your outdoor area, it is important that you select the right paving company to implement your landscape design. You probably have in mind the type of paving layout that you would like around your pool area – all you need now is a suitable brick paving company to talk to about your ideas to make it happen. Along with providing advice about the landscape design around your pool area, we can also discuss the details such as suitable paving materials to choose for a pool area, brick paving designs, and any other paving requirements that you may require.

What Paving Materials are Suitable for Outdoor Pool Areas?

It is important to keep in mind that the paving materials that you choose will be exposed to the pool chlorination – whether it be chlorine or salt. Paving materials that are less porous are a better choice for a pool area and it is best to check with your paving supplier to ensure that the specific pavers that you have chosen are suitable for pool areas.

Pool Coping

Pool coping refers to the pavers that are needed to finish off any exposed areas around a pool – this could be the surrounding area around the pool, the steps leading to the pool, and any coping required for feature walls. There are a great selection of bullnose pavers available such as the Travertine Natural stone from Eco Stone which provide a great finish to a luxurious pool area.

Use a Suitable Paving Sealant

Depending on the type of pavers selected for your pool area, it is important to choose a sealer to complete the edges around the pool between the pool and the pavers. As there are many different sealants on the market offering varying levels of protection, it is a good idea to check with the experts.

Other Requirements for Paving

As well as choosing the appropriate pavers for a pool area, a suitable sealant and pool coping, depending on your specific landscaping requirements, concrete may also needed to be used to complete an area.

Gio Group has completed many pool paving projects around Perth. We enjoy the satisfaction of seeing a project through from start to finish. We invite you to check out the pool paving photo gallery on our website showcasing the range of residential pool projects completed by our team. We use a wide range of quality pool pavers from companies in Perth, so feel free to talk to us to get some ideas about paving materials to use for your next outdoor project.

Enjoy the summer with a splash in your pool and beautifully landscaped outdoor area.


  1. I think that the sealing and the pavement job are very important for making sure the job is done right. I think that having the right contractor can really help too. They can make the job a lot easier on you, especially if they know what they are doing!

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