Professional Brick Paving Contractors in Perth for Commercial Projects


Giovanni Construction are one of the most trusted and reliable commercial brick paving contractors around Perth. With a large team of paving professionals, we can handle residential and commercial projects of all sizes.

Our commercial paving portfolio includes shopping centres and public streetscapes, commercial wharf areas and marinas, sub division intersections and islands, car parks, paving repairs, road paving projects, and resorts and pool areas. We have also having worked on many large scale Government projects including primary and secondary schools. Recently, we’ve been busy working on commercial brick paving projects around Perth, including paving for a well known high school, beautifying the landscape for a college in the northern suburbs, and completing paving for a cargo plant.

Check out our photo gallery for commercial paving projects. We are experienced at handling commercial brick paving projects from start to finish. This includes the supply and preparation of bedding sand, preparatory works to lay the pavers in accordance with specification, and removal of existing brick pavers. We are your brick paving company of choice because:

  • We are focused on meeting your deadlines
  • We are experienced at working with builders, property developers and local councils
  • We are skilled with project management – well organised and efficient, with a hands on management team
  • We have a high duty of care
  • We have all the requisite insurance
  • We are able to provide additional staff and resources dependent on size of project
  • We have the necessary equipment, machinery, tools and vehicles to complete the project
  • We have been in the industry over 10 years
  • We possess a highly skilled paving team that is able to deliver high quality workmanship on commercial large scale paving projects around Perth

If you are a building company or property developer in Perth who is looking for a reliable, high quality brick paving contractor for your next project, contact Giovanni Construction to discuss your requirements.


  1. I love your commercial paving project gallery! I’m curious—do you find yourself using pavers or stain more often for a creative tilt on your projects? I’ve rolled around doing a more creative patio than just boring old paving, but I’d love to know what you prefer. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think it would be nice to get my new concrete changed out in my garage. I think it would be nice to have a style like this one in this picture. It would be nice to have something that is durable as well. I like the tile concrete because it is easy to clean up and oil spills or anything else.

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