Invest in Quality Outdoor Paving to Improve the Value of your Home in Perth


If you are thinking about selling your home in Perth, consider taking the time to improve your outdoor paving areas before listing your home on the market. This one small investment to revamp your outdoor areas will not only improve the overall presentation of your home, it will also hopefully give you a nice return on investment on the sale price of your home.

First Impressions Count

When potential buyers come to view your house at an open home inspection, the first thing that they will see is your landscaped area. Untidy and tired looking paths, unruly garden beds that lack proper edging, and old fashioned looking paving areas can be a possible deterrent to selling your home for the right price.

Consider improving the look and feel of your outdoor areas by putting in some modern pavers. Our local brick paving suppliers in Perth provide a stylish range of pavers to suit all tastes. We partner up with many of the main suppliers in Perth, so talk to us first, if you would like some professional advice on choosing suitable pavers for your next landscaping project.

Add Edging around Garden Beds

Another easy way to add value to improve your home is to put in some nice native shrubs to improve the landscaping in your outdoor areas and that are low maintenance to upkeep. Along with this, it is also a good idea to add new edging around the garden beds to easily separate the different areas of your outdoor area.

One of the important criteria on a home buyer’s list to check off when buying a new home is an appealing outdoor area. As one of the anticipated joys of owning your own home, is to spend time in your own outdoor living area.

Outdoor Paving for New Homes

Conversely, if you’ve just bought a new house and are about to move in, you’ll probably be in a hurry to get that paving completed around your new home.

Before getting your paving completed, having to deal with the problems of tracking sand in and out of the house, and moving possessions into your new home over a sand pit is not much fun.

We’ve helped many new home owners add the final touches to beautify their landscaping and outdoor areas.

The friendly team at Giovanni Group based in Perth are available for hire today. We pride ourselves on being one of the top professional landscaping and brickpaving companies in Perth who are friendly and able to assist with your landscaping requirements.

Whether you are just about to move into your new home and need outdoor paving, or would like to improve your outdoor area before putting it on the market, we can help.

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