Eco Stone – A Natural Look for your Next Project

Eco Stone tiles are a favourite paving material selected by our customers around Perth for their flooring and landscaping projects. It is a natural stone that can enhance the pool, patio and alfresco areas around your house by providing a quality finish.

There is a great selection of materials such as granite, limestone, marble, sandstone, slatestone and travertine for your flooring needs. The travertine tiles and sandstone floor tiles are especially popular choices. For a smoother finish, the range of tumbled pavers such as the travertine tumbled pavers provide a rounded edge with a softer feel.

In addition to these materials, there are other choices such as cobblestones and stone or glass mosaics that provide colour and contrast and make for interesting texture variations to enhance  landscaped areas. Eco Stone also has a range of capping to complement and round off paving areas in the same style, and for feature walls, there are a range of wall cladding options.

For outdoor areas such as pools and patio areas, the natural stone surface can be cleaned and maintained easily with  water, by flushing and rinsing on a regular basis. Take care not to use harsh cleaning products on Eco paving surfaces as this may alter or deteriorate the natural qualities of the stone. Find out the specific type and composition of the natural Eco Stone pavers  you chose, and you should be able to seek advice from Eco Stone in terms of any cleaning products that should be avoided when caring for your outdoor area.

Check out our Eco Stone photo gallery to view projects that we have completed using this quality paving material.

If you have a landscaping project in mind that uses Eco Stone , give us a call at Gio Group in Perth and chat with us about your project requirements.

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