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Eco Stone – A Natural Look for your Next Project

Eco Stone tiles are a favourite paving material selected by our customers around Perth for their flooring and landscaping projects. It is a natural stone that can enhance the pool, patio and alfresco areas around your house by providing a quality finish.

There is a great selection of materials such as granite, limestone, marble, sandstone, slatestone and travertine for your flooring needs. The travertine tiles and sandstone floor tiles are especially popular choices. For a smoother finish, the range of tumbled pavers such as the travertine tumbled pavers provide a rounded edge with a softer feel.

In addition to these materials, there are other choices such as cobblestones and stone or glass mosaics that provide colour and contrast and make for interesting texture variations to enhance  landscaped areas. Eco Stone also has a range of capping to complement and round off paving areas in the same style, and for feature walls, there are a range of wall cladding options.

For outdoor areas such as pools and patio areas, the natural stone surface can be cleaned and maintained easily with  water, by flushing and rinsing on a regular basis. Take care not to use harsh cleaning products on Eco paving surfaces as this may alter or deteriorate the natural qualities of the stone. Find out the specific type and composition of the natural Eco Stone pavers  you chose, and you should be able to seek advice from Eco Stone in terms of any cleaning products that should be avoided when caring for your outdoor area.

Check out our Eco Stone photo gallery to view projects that we have completed using this quality paving material.

If you have a landscaping project in mind that uses Eco Stone , give us a call at Gio Group in Perth and chat with us about your project requirements.

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Add a Touch of Class with Travertine Pavers


Photo: pool paving in Floreat, Perth using travertine pavers

Our team at Gio Group have been busy completing projects for customers around Perth in the race to Xmas. Our projects have taken us far and wide all around Perth, from Ellenbrook, Currumbine, and Iluka – north of the river in Perth, to south of the river suburbs such as Willetton and Mount Pleasant. We are busy, busy, busy to say the least.
In today’s article, we take a look at the timeless classic paving material travertine.

What is Travertine?

Travertine is a natural stone material possessing the qualities of sedimentary rock. It is widely used in commercial projects and for residential purposes, makes an excellent flooring material.

With its wide appeal, many of our customers like to choose travertine pavers for landscaping their outdoor and alfresco areas.

Benefits of Travertine Pavers

Travertine tiles have many benefits including positives that they are relatively low maintenance, are hard wearing, as well as aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The pavers are available in several styles:

  • Tumbled pavers are textured and have a porous quality;
  • The honed pavers are smooth and have a matte finish;
  • Polished tiles are shiny and smooth in appearance.

Versatile Use for Outdoor Areas

Its versatility lends itself to its application to many outdoor areas including alfresco areas, pool paving areas, patios, walkways and driveways. And our customers enjoy the selection of colours available in natural hues such as beige, and earthy brown colours from our recommended paving specialists.

With our fantastic outdoor lifestyle all year round in Perth, it’s easy to enjoy the classic look of tumbled travertine pavers as part of a classy, landscaped design for our outdoor area.

We would like to wish everyone including all our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for the upcoming season.

From Gio and the team at Gio Group.

Gio Group is currently booked out for residential, pool paving, artificial turf and landscaping projects around Perth. If you would like your outdoor landscaping project completed by Christmas, please call or email us.

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Landscaping Ideas for the Christmas Season in Perth

landscaping ideas Perth
pool, paving and artificial turf
Project by Gio Group

With Christmas just around the corner, and as families in Perth get ready to celebrate the festive season and spend time with family and friends, it’s an opportune time to revisit the current setting of your outdoor area at home.

Here are some landscaping ideas for the upcoming Christmas season in Perth, including addressing any areas of your outdoor landscaping which may be requiring some tender loving care:

Unsightly dirt and sand areas

Under utilised areas of your garden including patches of sand, dirt or weeds can be easily transformed into an outdoor oasis or beautiful area of your garden with the right mix of outdoor landscaping. Think about earmarking particular areas for a special purpose, for example you could create a fun play area for the kids, or a tranquil outdoor setting with a nice shade umbrella, seating, and shade sails as nice finishing touches. These are also areas that are suited for landscaping with high quality pavers or artificial turf to add a touch of finesse to your existing alfresco area.

Old Paving Areas

Do you have tired looking, old paving areas that need a facelift?

Typical signs of neglected paving areas include:

Old style and pavers that may be uneven, or partially broken which could be easily transformed into more pleasant setting with contemporary and more modern, stylish pavers. There are many quality pavers to choose from in the current market, and Giovanni Construction is able to provide advice on the selection of some suitable quality pavers for your revamped outdoor area if you require help.

Artificial Turf

A good way to add some colour and contrast to your outdoor area is to complement modern paving areas with the installation of low maintenance artificial turf. Giovanni Construction can provide that one stop service to complete the landscaping of both high quality outdoor paving and the laying of artificial turf.

Pool Paving Tips

Lastly, if you are thinking about landscaping for a new outdoor pool area, we can provide advice on pool paving, ranging from the best paving materials to use for high traffic areas such as steps and stair areas leading to your pool area or a feature wall to showcase your luxurious, sparking pool. Bullnose pavers to round off sharp edges around your pool will help ensure that the area is kept safe for the family, including any young children to use.

Gio Group is currently booked out for residential outdoor paving projects around Perth. If you would like your outdoor landscaping project completed by Christmas, please call or email us.

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Limestone Pavers are a Popular Choice in Perth

Bonita Stone

Limestone pavers and limestone blocks are a popular choice by Perth customers for both residential and commercial projects.

They are attractive for outdoor and alfresco areas, and for use in feature walls and retaining walls.
If you have an outdoor pool area or planning a landscaped area with a pool, or wish to beautify your outdoor living area, limestone pavers are a versatile choice. The pavers are available in colours such as beige through to warm, dark slate tones. As well as being durable, they are cool to touch during our hot weather summer months in Perth.

Colour and Contrast your Outdoor Paving Area

When designing your paving area, look for earthy tones to complement and match the existing color scheme of your outdoor area. Consider offsetting your main paving areas with different colours and textured borders. Examples of colour contrasts include dark pavers against white, beige, cobblestone borders, or conversely, beige limestone pavers against a grey, cobblestone border. Set against the backdrop of an enticing, sparking pool, your guests will definitely be impressed with your classy outdoor living area.

Complete your Pool Area with Bullnose and Pool Capping

You’ll also want to choose suitable bullnose and pool capping to complete the paving for your outdoor area for step areas and to round off sharp edges to ensure that the area is kept safe for pedestrian traffic including young kids.

Choose High Quality Limestone Pavers

Choose high grade limestone pavers for the ultimate look for your outdoor area.

Our team at Gio Group have completed many pool and outdoor paving projects around Perth using top class pavers from suppliers such as Bonita Stone. If you are serious about your outdoor living area, then come to us. We have to produce a quality outcome for our customers second to none.

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Invest in Quality Outdoor Paving to Improve the Value of your Home in Perth


If you are thinking about selling your home in Perth, consider taking the time to improve your outdoor paving areas before listing your home on the market. This one small investment to revamp your outdoor areas will not only improve the overall presentation of your home, it will also hopefully give you a nice return on investment on the sale price of your home.

First Impressions Count

When potential buyers come to view your house at an open home inspection, the first thing that they will see is your landscaped area. Untidy and tired looking paths, unruly garden beds that lack proper edging, and old fashioned looking paving areas can be a possible deterrent to selling your home for the right price.

Consider improving the look and feel of your outdoor areas by putting in some modern pavers. Our local brick paving suppliers in Perth provide a stylish range of pavers to suit all tastes. We partner up with many of the main suppliers in Perth, so talk to us first, if you would like some professional advice on choosing suitable pavers for your next landscaping project.

Add Edging around Garden Beds

Another easy way to add value to improve your home is to put in some nice native shrubs to improve the landscaping in your outdoor areas and that are low maintenance to upkeep. Along with this, it is also a good idea to add new edging around the garden beds to easily separate the different areas of your outdoor area.

One of the important criteria on a home buyer’s list to check off when buying a new home is an appealing outdoor area. As one of the anticipated joys of owning your own home, is to spend time in your own outdoor living area.

Outdoor Paving for New Homes

Conversely, if you’ve just bought a new house and are about to move in, you’ll probably be in a hurry to get that paving completed around your new home.

Before getting your paving completed, having to deal with the problems of tracking sand in and out of the house, and moving possessions into your new home over a sand pit is not much fun.

We’ve helped many new home owners add the final touches to beautify their landscaping and outdoor areas.

The friendly team at Giovanni Group based in Perth are available for hire today. We pride ourselves on being one of the top professional landscaping and brickpaving companies in Perth who are friendly and able to assist with your landscaping requirements.

Whether you are just about to move into your new home and need outdoor paving, or would like to improve your outdoor area before putting it on the market, we can help.

Is your Outdoor Paving Area Geared up for Winter Time in Perth?


Its winter time in Perth, though to think about it, whatever season it happens to be here, as Australians we enjoy the weather all year round, and tend to spend a lot of time outdoors where we can.

Giovanni Construction is busier than ever, completing lots of different landscaping projects around Perth, both residential and commercial projects.

Recently, we escaped the cold weather, and headed up to beautiful Broome, and another time, we got as far as the Perth Airport…..we have been working on a big paving project at Perth Airport, so unfortunately, the team wasn’t quite available to depart from the Perth Airport to go on holiday. 🙂

Designing Your Outdoor Area for Winter

Here are some factors to consider when designing your outdoor paving area for winter time in Perth:

Use your Home Entertainment Outdoor Area All Year Round

An inviting home entertainment outdoor area should be versatile and be able to be used throughout all seasons of the year, whether it is summer, autumn, winter or spring.

Put the BBQ on and Keep Warm with Outdoor Heating

Depending on the set of your outdoor area, you want to consider installing an outdoor heater to maximise the use of your outdoor entertainment area during the colder months in Perth. Nothing beats having a social gathering with family and friends with the BBQ on and a warm inviting alfresco area to gather around.

Select Easy to Maintain Pavers for All Year Round

Perth paving companies such as Eco Stone and Bonita Stone offer a fantastic range of outdoor pavers in natural earth based colours and textures. Bonita Stone  offers paving materials ranging from limestone, and exposed aggregate, to travertine and non-slip granite.

Eco Stone  has some theme pavers that are suitable for outdoor areas such as pool areas, patios and backyard gardens. The range of Natural Travertine and Granite Stone that not look stylish but are also durable and longer lasting.

Choose from a Great Range of Winter Paver Designs

We are experienced with using a variety of brick paving patterns for outdoor and patio areas. A change in design with colour and texture can spruce up an otherwise old and tired looking paving area. New bricks and a new paving design can transform an old tired looking outdoor area into a modern, outdoor area suitable for regular home entertainment.

Selecting a quality paver for your outdoor patio area can help to create an ambiance that is warm and inviting, perfect for a winter’s evening of entertaining family and friends in your outdoor area. Bring out the BBQ, stoke up a fire, put on some meat or seafood, and you’re in for a great evening of catching up with family and friends.

Anytime of the year is a great time to look at transforming your outdoor paving in Perth.

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Pool Pavers and Landscaping Tips for Perth Homes

A sparkling pool can enhance an outdoor area and be the centerpiece of a home’s outdoor leisure area, providing hours of enjoyment for the whole family during the hotter months of summer in Perth.

If you plan on designing your outdoor area to incorporate paving around your pool area, here are some useful pool paver and landscaping tips for Perth home owners to keep in mind:

Hire a Quality Paving Company to Implement your Landscape Design

As your pool is going to be the centerpiece of your outdoor area, it is important that you select the right paving company to implement your landscape design. You probably have in mind the type of paving layout that you would like around your pool area – all you need now is a suitable brick paving company to talk to about your ideas to make it happen. Along with providing advice about the landscape design around your pool area, we can also discuss the details such as suitable paving materials to choose for a pool area, brick paving designs, and any other paving requirements that you may require.

What Paving Materials are Suitable for Outdoor Pool Areas?

It is important to keep in mind that the paving materials that you choose will be exposed to the pool chlorination – whether it be chlorine or salt. Paving materials that are less porous are a better choice for a pool area and it is best to check with your paving supplier to ensure that the specific pavers that you have chosen are suitable for pool areas.

Pool Coping

Pool coping refers to the pavers that are needed to finish off any exposed areas around a pool – this could be the surrounding area around the pool, the steps leading to the pool, and any coping required for feature walls. There are a great selection of bullnose pavers available such as the Travertine Natural stone from Eco Stone which provide a great finish to a luxurious pool area.

Use a Suitable Paving Sealant

Depending on the type of pavers selected for your pool area, it is important to choose a sealer to complete the edges around the pool between the pool and the pavers. As there are many different sealants on the market offering varying levels of protection, it is a good idea to check with the experts.

Other Requirements for Paving

As well as choosing the appropriate pavers for a pool area, a suitable sealant and pool coping, depending on your specific landscaping requirements, concrete may also needed to be used to complete an area.

Gio Group has completed many pool paving projects around Perth. We enjoy the satisfaction of seeing a project through from start to finish. We invite you to check out the pool paving photo gallery on our website showcasing the range of residential pool projects completed by our team. We use a wide range of quality pool pavers from companies in Perth, so feel free to talk to us to get some ideas about paving materials to use for your next outdoor project.

Enjoy the summer with a splash in your pool and beautifully landscaped outdoor area.

Brikmakers Pavers

Brikmakers is another regular paving supplier that we use for landscaping projects in and around Perth, for both residential and commercial projects. Their granite pavers and stonewash collections include stylish designs such as their Vistapave, Grandpave and Flagstone range of pavers.

As well as being stylish and contemporary in design, the Blokpave Vistapave range has the added advantage of holding up well to the weather in Perth, which sometimes can be harsh.

In terms of maintenance, when choosing pavers in this range, minimal maintenance is required to upkeep a beautifully landscaped area.

With our abundance of natural resources in Western Australia, our local paving supply companies have the ability to produce pavers in a wide range of different colours, textures, and styles. This means that for the consumer and home owner in Perth, we are spoilt for choice in being able to select materials that suit our design requirements for our outdoor areas.

Current styles with brick pavers include the natural stone look in natural hues such as reds, browns and greys, charcoal, sandstone and cream. As well as being stylish, the pavers are also durable and strong enough to withstand high traffic areas such as driveways for car traffic, and paths and walkways for pedestrian thoroughfare.

Brikmakers produce pavers for commercial and industrial projects which are able to withstand busy traffic areas in shopping centres, commercial offices, public spaces and precincts. Contrasting paving styles include cobble stone, interlocking and tactile pavers amongst many others.

If you need help to select pavers for your next residential or commercial project, Giovanni Construction can help you with this process through a free no obligation consult. We work with many different paving supply companies, and are well experienced with seeing your next project through from start to finish.

If you are looking for a quality finish and a landscaping project completed on time and within budget, please contact Gio Group in Perth today as we are here to help.

Boral Pavers for Residential and Commercial Paving Projects in Perth


Photo: Boral Pavers – Rock Pavers

Boral is another of Gio Group’s brick paving suppliers for residential and commercial projects who we partner up with on a regular basis. Whether it is a new home or a major renovation that requires landscaping with pavers, there is a good selection available from Boral.

Boral has some unique pavers to consider which take advantage of stone’s strength and durability, such as the Stoneworks Travertine – a popular paver if you are looking for a natural look, and available in colours such as chalk and smoke. The size of the travertine pavers make them easier to lay, allowing us to complete the job more quickly as well.

Take into consideration the size of the paving area. If you only have a small area to landscape, then natural looking pavers are an ideal choice, since they give your landscaping area a more spacious look.

The Cultured stone is a great alternative for wall claddings. Choose from an extensive range such as Cobblefield stone to get that slightly uneven cobble texture , or Coral stone, or the Ledgestone range consisting of profiles such as Country, Pro Fit Alpine and Southern. Contact us at Giovanni Construction if you need advice on the amount of area to be covered for the cultured stone cladding –  you’ll be likely to need some expert help to estimate the quantity of cultured stone required. Don’t forget to measure the linear metres of outside corners to determine what paving pieces are needed to make it look completed and professional.

Granite pavers are another popular option for an exposed aggregate look, and Boral has a great range of pavers in this category in natural finishes such as amber, chalk and platinum. These granite pavers are suitable for outdoor pool areas, driveways, paths, and patio areas. And just like the Travertine, the square size 300mm x 300mm pavers make paving easy.

The photo shown above in this article showcases the Boral rock paver. Check out our photo gallery of pool paving projects that we’ve completed.

On a final note, if you’re about to embark on your next landscaping project and have old bricks to discard, consider using the recycling program available through Boral. Boral Midland Brick have an innovative recycling program to discard of any unwanted or leftover bricks from your landscaping project, just make sure to clean the bricks and get rid of any debris such as mortar or cement before donating your old material. It’s a great way to do your bit to take care of our environment.

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