Brikmakers Pavers

Brikmakers is another regular paving supplier that we use for landscaping projects in and around Perth, for both residential and commercial projects. Their granite pavers and stonewash collections include stylish designs such as their Vistapave, Grandpave and Flagstone range of pavers.

As well as being stylish and contemporary in design, the Blokpave Vistapave range has the added advantage of holding up well to the weather in Perth, which sometimes can be harsh.

In terms of maintenance, when choosing pavers in this range, minimal maintenance is required to upkeep a beautifully landscaped area.

With our abundance of natural resources in Western Australia, our local paving supply companies have the ability to produce pavers in a wide range of different colours, textures, and styles. This means that for the consumer and home owner in Perth, we are spoilt for choice in being able to select materials that suit our design requirements for our outdoor areas.

Current styles with brick pavers include the natural stone look in natural hues such as reds, browns and greys, charcoal, sandstone and cream. As well as being stylish, the pavers are also durable and strong enough to withstand high traffic areas such as driveways for car traffic, and paths and walkways for pedestrian thoroughfare.

Brikmakers produce pavers for commercial and industrial projects which are able to withstand busy traffic areas in shopping centres, commercial offices, public spaces and precincts. Contrasting paving styles include cobble stone, interlocking and tactile pavers amongst many others.

If you need help to select pavers for your next residential or commercial project, Giovanni Construction can help you with this process through a free no obligation consult. We work with many different paving supply companies, and are well experienced with seeing your next project through from start to finish.

If you are looking for a quality finish and a landscaping project completed on time and within budget, please contact Gio Group in Perth today as we are here to help.

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