Boral Pavers for Residential and Commercial Paving Projects in Perth


Photo: Boral Pavers – Rock Pavers

Boral is another of Gio Group’s brick paving suppliers for residential and commercial projects who we partner up with on a regular basis. Whether it is a new home or a major renovation that requires landscaping with pavers, there is a good selection available from Boral.

Boral has some unique pavers to consider which take advantage of stone’s strength and durability, such as the Stoneworks Travertine – a popular paver if you are looking for a natural look, and available in colours such as chalk and smoke. The size of the travertine pavers make them easier to lay, allowing us to complete the job more quickly as well.

Take into consideration the size of the paving area. If you only have a small area to landscape, then natural looking pavers are an ideal choice, since they give your landscaping area a more spacious look.

The Cultured stone is a great alternative for wall claddings. Choose from an extensive range such as Cobblefield stone to get that slightly uneven cobble texture , or Coral stone, or the Ledgestone range consisting of profiles such as Country, Pro Fit Alpine and Southern. Contact us at Giovanni Construction if you need advice on the amount of area to be covered for the cultured stone cladding –  you’ll be likely to need some expert help to estimate the quantity of cultured stone required. Don’t forget to measure the linear metres of outside corners to determine what paving pieces are needed to make it look completed and professional.

Granite pavers are another popular option for an exposed aggregate look, and Boral has a great range of pavers in this category in natural finishes such as amber, chalk and platinum. These granite pavers are suitable for outdoor pool areas, driveways, paths, and patio areas. And just like the Travertine, the square size 300mm x 300mm pavers make paving easy.

The photo shown above in this article showcases the Boral rock paver. Check out our photo gallery of pool paving projects that we’ve completed.

On a final note, if you’re about to embark on your next landscaping project and have old bricks to discard, consider using the recycling program available through Boral. Boral Midland Brick have an innovative recycling program to discard of any unwanted or leftover bricks from your landscaping project, just make sure to clean the bricks and get rid of any debris such as mortar or cement before donating your old material. It’s a great way to do your bit to take care of our environment.

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