Questions to ask your local Brick Paving Company in Perth


Once you’ve decided to landscape your home with some new paving, the next task is to find a reputable, high quality brick paving company or brick paving contractors in Perth to carry out your landscaping project.

You’ve probably got some landscape design ideas and a budget in mind, but you aren’t quite finished yet – there are still some questions you need to get answered before you will be ready to go.

Here are some questions to ask when hiring a brick paving company:

Can you get a quote easily?

You can contact us either by giving Andy a ring on 0420496054 or by sending us an email at our Contact Us Page

Please provide brief details about the job that you have in mind for us to complete, so we can give you a more accurate quote.

Can the brick paving company organise the delivery of the paving materials for you?

We are able to organise the delivery of the paving materials as part of the cost of the landscaping project.

Can you re-use your existing pavers, or supply the pavers yourself?

We can do projects where you provide the paving materials.

Does the company have a website that you can visit to read testimonials from customers and view examples of the types of the projects that they’ve worked on?

We have a photo gallery showcasing many of our projects – including residential, commercial, and pool paving projects. Please view our photo gallery to get a feel for the many projects that we have completed around the Perth metro area.

What kind of customer service does the company provide?

At Gio Group, we pride ourselves on providing top customer service, from the time that you make contact to us, through to completion of your unique brick paving landscaping project. Don’t listen to what we have to say – see what our customers have to say at our testimonials page.

What kinds of jobs have they completed?

We’ve completed all sorts of residential work, ranging from small right through to extensive landscaping projects. We have also completed large scale commercial projects such as schools, shopping centres, public streetscapes, commercial wharf areas and marinas, sub division intersections and road paving projects.

Have they worked with the types of paving materials that you like?

At Gio Group we’ve worked with a huge variety of different paving materials including Travertine, limestone, granite, concrete, exposed aggregated concrete, using local paving materials from companies such as Eco Stone ,Remastone and Bonita Stone. Whatever your choice, it’s likely that we’ve worked with these materials before.

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Landscaping Ideas in Perth to Help you Get Started

We are lucky in Perth to have such spacious backyard and outdoor areas, so any time is a great time to think about paving and landscaping ideas for your next home landscape design project.

Here are some tips to help you get organised with your landscaping and brick paving requirements:

Get Professional Help with your next Brick Paving Project

If you’ve been living in your home for a while, the outdoor area may be looking a bit dated, so why not give your alfresco area a facelift? Getting in a professional brick paving company can take away the hassle of trying to do it yourself aka diy brick paving.

Brainstorm Landscaping Ideas

First up, you’ll want to brainstorm some landscaping ideas about the type of outdoor area you would like to create. The addition of a feature wall, water fountain or pool can transform your backyard and add value to your home. Think about using different surfaces to provide pleasing contrasts, such as those between your gardens or lawns, garden edging, and your paved areas such as driveways or alfresco settings. There are lots of paving options available in Perth – with popular choices including a natural look via the use of materials such as limestone, slate, stone,  or granite, or exposed aggregated concrete. Stone walls also look especially nice as a complementary feature to your pool.

Calculate the Landscaping Area

To help get things started, it would be good to measure out the area that you have in mind for your brick paving landscaping.  This will give you a good idea of the square metres you will have to cover, and make it easier to select some suitable paving bricks that fit your budget.

Which Brick Paving Materials should I use?

We suggest that you do some initial research on the types of brick paving designs and patterns that you would like to use in your landscaping project. We currently work with many well known Perth brick paving suppliers such as Eco Stone, Remastone, Bonita stone.

We are happy to visit your property to assess your proposed project area and to provide a quote.  We can also make suggestions on suitable paving materials if you would like some advice.

If you would like to get a better idea of the types of projects that we have completed, please visit our photo galleries residential projects page to view the results we have achieved for many happy customers.

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Landscape Design Tips for your Outdoor Area in Perth



In this latest article, we provide some handy tips on choosing a landscape design for your outdoor area in Perth. We’ve worked with many customers around the metro area in Perth, to help improve the amenity of their backyard, as well as beautify their outdoor area. With our fantastic lifestyle in Perth, enjoying our outdoor area can often be top of our list as one of the ways to relax and spend quality time with family and friends.

Does your outdoor area need a facelift?

We have helped  many customers transform their backyards from neglected wastelands into attractive landscapes that are ideal for kicking back and relaxing in. All you need to do to achieve the same result is to pick a landscaping style, decide on a budget, choose your brick paving materials and get Gio Group to do the hard work!

What landscaping style are you hoping to achieve?

There are many different landscaping looks to choose from and it is important to choose one that fits well with your lifestyle. Perhaps you’re looking for an outdoor area that is stylish, yet practical and easy to maintain. If you’ll be spending a lot of time in your backyard you will want it to be a pleasant place to spend time in. Some looks that might appeal include a tropical theme, a modern and contemporary feel, or a Mediterranean style look.

What is my landscaping budget?

You’ll want to decide on your landscaping budget. Your home and landscape project could be a total makeover project, or it could involve installing a feature such as a pool, or it could simply be a replacement of old unattractive pavers with new stylish materials.

Decide on your final result, and work backwards from there. Your budget will also determine the paving materials that you choose. Plus you’ll need to factor in other costs, such as if you want to have a feature wall, retaining walls, art pieces, undercover areas, shaded areas, alfresco areas, or patios.

A wise choice of outdoor features will enhance your outdoor area and add value to your property in years to come.

What paving materials should I choose?

At Gio Group, we’ve completed many different paving projects using materials ranging from natural stone, limestone, granite and slate. We recommend sourcing high quality paving bricks in Perth from quality suppliers such as Eco Stone,Remastone,Bonita Stone,Mataka Stone and Brikmakers for your next landscaping project.

Consider the materials that you’ve chosen and find out from the paving supplier the maintenance required to keep the paving materials in good condition. It might be that the materials require just a wash and rinse with water, or may require some light detergents to keep it clean.

Pools and Features

Many of our customers have installed pools, especially popular during the summer time to keep the whole family cool. You’ll want to use paving materials that are well suited to a wet area, that provide a non slip surface, with coping that is rounded off to ensure areas that are safe for the family.

Having a feature wall or a water feature as the central piece in your outdoor area can enhance an area, and provide a focal point for attention. Consider the positioning of your garden beds and whether you require any structural enhancements such as limestone edging to demarcate between grassed areas and gardens.

We have worked with a lot of our customers to transform unattractive outdoor areas into yards that are beautifully landscaped, neat and easy to maintain, often using natural paving materials that have a contemporary and classy look.  So if you have a backyard wilderness that you’d like to turn into something a little bit more special, talk to the team at Gio Group about your project ideas.

Read what our customers have to say – visit our testimonials page for Gio Group

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Professional Brick Paving Contractors in Perth for Commercial Projects


Giovanni Construction are one of the most trusted and reliable commercial brick paving contractors around Perth. With a large team of paving professionals, we can handle residential and commercial projects of all sizes.

Our commercial paving portfolio includes shopping centres and public streetscapes, commercial wharf areas and marinas, sub division intersections and islands, car parks, paving repairs, road paving projects, and resorts and pool areas. We have also having worked on many large scale Government projects including primary and secondary schools. Recently, we’ve been busy working on commercial brick paving projects around Perth, including paving for a well known high school, beautifying the landscape for a college in the northern suburbs, and completing paving for a cargo plant.

Check out our photo gallery for commercial paving projects. We are experienced at handling commercial brick paving projects from start to finish. This includes the supply and preparation of bedding sand, preparatory works to lay the pavers in accordance with specification, and removal of existing brick pavers. We are your brick paving company of choice because:

  • We are focused on meeting your deadlines
  • We are experienced at working with builders, property developers and local councils
  • We are skilled with project management – well organised and efficient, with a hands on management team
  • We have a high duty of care
  • We have all the requisite insurance
  • We are able to provide additional staff and resources dependent on size of project
  • We have the necessary equipment, machinery, tools and vehicles to complete the project
  • We have been in the industry over 10 years
  • We possess a highly skilled paving team that is able to deliver high quality workmanship on commercial large scale paving projects around Perth

If you are a building company or property developer in Perth who is looking for a reliable, high quality brick paving contractor for your next project, contact Giovanni Construction to discuss your requirements.