Atlas Pavers for Residential and Commercial Paving Projects in Perth


Atlas Paving is another supplier that we use to provide bricks and paving materials for our customers in Perth. Atlas pavers are suitable for both residential and commercial use, with their range including concrete pavers, Travertine pavers, and limestone pavers.

While the team at Gio Group are always happy to give advice on the right type of paver for your landscaping project, there are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • Will this be a low or high foot traffic area?
  • What kind of look do I want for the areas that are going to be landscaped?
  • Am I looking to do a major redesign of the whole area, or just give it a quick facelift by replacing the existing pavers?
  • Do I have any particular paving designs in mind?

Once you have answered these questions, we will be able to give better advice on the paving materials that you will require, including standard pavers for the main expanses, along with bullnose and border pavers for the edging and stairs.

Travertine and limestone pavers are aesthetically pleasing and are a great choice for our outdoors lifestyle in Perth, such as pool areas, alfresco, patio and outdoor areas with a combination of garden and paving locations.

Travertine pavers are especially popular in Western Australia and Atlas Paving are able to offer a great selection of both travertine and limestone pavers. The travertine pavers are an elegant choice and will last for years to come with their timeless look.

For driveways, Atlas Paving is also able to offer a distinctive selection of robust pavers, such as the Roman Cobble. For a cobblestone look, their selection of mini pavers are available in a range of natural based colours such as the ash or ironbar, and provide a unique rustic look.

If you are looking to engage Giovanni Construction for a commercial project, you’ll be looking for pavers with a higher level of durability and strength, and we are also happy to help with any advice in regards to which paving materials would suit your specific project. Atlas Paving has a wide selection of commercial pavers available.

If you are a home owner and have just built a new house, this would be the perfect time to put down your paving, so that you can use your driveway and outdoors without having to navigate sandy areas around your new home.

You may also find our article on Questions to ask your local brick paving company in Perth useful to read before engaging a company.

At Gio Group, we are happy to talk to you about your upcoming landscaping project, whether it be paving required for a new home, a makeover of your existing brick pavers, or a large scale commercial project. No matter what the job, our team at Gio Group is able to meet the requirements of your next brick paving and landscaping project in Perth.

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